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Comparison of Indoor Radon Reduction Effects Based on Apartment Housing Ventilation Methods

DATE2022-10-31 HIT96

Comparison of Indoor Radon Reduction Effects Based on Apartment Housing Ventilation Methods



Authors : Jiwon Choi, Hyongjin Hong, Jeongsub Lee, Seonhong Kim, Gahyun Kim, Boram Park, Eun-Min Cho, and Cheolmin Lee

ISSN : ****-****

  A lack of ventilation in multi-unit dwellings can affect human health adversely owing to accumulated
radon gases; therefore, developing immediate and effective methods to reduce radon gas in indoor living
environments is urgently needed. Therefore, this study conducted a basic research study to develop
ventilation guidelines for radon through assessments of various ventilation strategies on indoor radon
concentration in multiple-unit dwellings, a typical residential type in Korea. Radon measurement was
conducted in November 2020 using RAD 7 Radon Detector (Durridge Co., Billerica, MA, USA) for living
rooms and rooms of an apartment located in Uijeongbu, Gyeonggi-do, Korea. The radon reduction effect
according to the ventilation conditions per hour was compared and evaluated by performing seven natural
ventilation scenarios through opening and closing windows leading to the outside and three types of
mechanical ventilation with high, middle, and low operating intensity. The concentration ratio (Cr) was
estimated to present the indoor radon increase/decrease ratio. Among the natural ventilation scenarios,
Case 3 had the highest radon reduction rate in the living room and Case 1 in the room, and Case 2 using
natural ventilation equipment showed the lowest reduction rate in both the room and the living room.
When ventilated by mechanical ventilation conditions, the radon reduction rate (Pr) was 70% or less under
all conditions. Under the natural ventilation measurement condition, when every doors and windows was
opened, it showed an effective ventilation in a short time. With high mechanical ventilation, the radon
reduction effect in a relatively large space was better. Additionally, with middle and low mechanical ventilation,
the reduction effect seems to be good in a relatively narrow space.

Keyword : indoor air quality, mitigation, apartment, radon, ventilation

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