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6th Environmental Health Forum between NIER and CRAES
DATE 2017-06-14 HIT 1961

6th Environmental Health Forum between NIER and CRAES

6-7 June 2017 Jeonju,
Republic of Korea

 The 6th Environmental Health Forum between NIER and CRAES was held on 6-7 June 2017 in Jeonju, a traditional cultural city of Korea, co-hosted by the National Institute of Environmental Health Research (NIER), Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences (CRAES) and Jeollabuk-do Provincial Government.

Under the theme of 'Children and Environmental Health' the forum featured 15 presentations on environmental health policy and research activities of the two countries. The Korean delegation delivered 8 presentations including 'Environmental Health Policy in Korea', 'Risk Management of Activity Space and Materials for Children', 'Korean Child-Specific Exposure Factors for Risk Assessment' and 'Short-term Health Effects of Ambient Fine and Ultra-fine Particles on Children with Atopic Dermatitis', and the Chinese delegation touched upon 7 topics including 'Effects of Air Pollution on Children's Hospitalization of Respiratory Diseases', 'Gene Responses to Mercurial Toxicity in Zebrafish' and 'Exposure Factors Related to Air of Children in China'. NIER and CRAES will continue to put great efforts in exploring more opportunities for research cooperation and personnel exchange, and inviting more experts from other research institutions and local governments.

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