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The Twelfth Tripartite Presidents Meeting among NIER, CRAES and NIES(TPM12) November 2-6, 2015 Yeosu City, Korea
DATE 2016-01-22 HIT 582

The Twelfth Tripartite Presidents Meeting among NIER, CRAES and NIES(TPM12)
November 2-6, 2015 Yeosu City, Korea

 At the invitation of President PARK Jin-Won of the National Institute of Environmental Research (NIER) of Korea, delegations led by President MENG Wei of the Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences (CRAES) of China and President SUMI Akimasa of the National Institute for Environmental Studies (NIES) of Japan visited Yeosu, Korea to attend the Twelfth Tripartite Presidents Meeting (TPM12) on November 2-6, 2015. Also present as an observer was Mr. XIA Shu, Director of Research Center, New World Environmental Group (NWEG).

 In the opening session, President PARK Jin-Won welcomed delegates from CRAES and NIES, and expressed his gratitude to Yeosu City. President PARK pointed out that in recent times environmental issues are a major agenda, and that solutions are required by government and society. In this context, it is necessary for all three institutes to contribute to providing solutions to the urgent problems through effective cooperation, although these issues are complex.

The presidents shared recent developments in the three institutes’ activities and special research topics related to "Climate Change", identified as urgent issues in the three countries. The presidents listened to the reports on each PRA from the Focal Points of the respective Lead Coordinating Institutes (LCIs).

 The three presidents agreed that active and effective cooperation in the PRAs is key to the ongoing success of collaborations. The presidents reviewed the draft of the Roadmap for the period 2015-2019, outlining a vision for the PRAs development. Also the presidents agreed in principle to the Roadmap which however, can be modified. The tripartite cooperation based on the Roadmap is expected to contribute to the improvement of people's life in Asia.

 The theme of TPM12 International Workshop was “Asian Air Pollution.” The three institutes exchanged the research results, introducing their strategies or policies on air pollution reduction and presenting the current status of air quality and forecasting systems.

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