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2021, The 6th International Conference on Environmental Specimen Banks
DATE 2021-07-23 HIT 109

 2021, The 6th International Conference on Environmental Specimen Banks, 제6회 환경시료은행 국제 컨퍼런스, 2021년 09월 28일(Tue)~30일(Thu) Inchoen, Republic of korea, INVITATION: How long and reliable can tour valuable environmental samples be stored?, Unfortunately, environmental samples for monitoring hazardous chemicals are often discarded after research, due to many constraints of storing them for a long period of time, But if we properly stored these specimens, what would be the benefits?, Archived samples can be used to reconfirm research results that were made at the of sampling, and the environmetal pollutants that had not been monitored at the time of sampling can be analyzed in a timely manner by using archives, For example, you can study the restoration rate of a location that was damaged by an environmental incident, by making use of samples collected before the incident, The Environmental Specimen Bank (ESB) has been storing various environmental specimens to monitor the regional dispersion and temporal trends of environmental pollutants, More than 30 government and institution around the world are operating an ESB, The International Conference on Environmetal Specimen Bank (ICESB) is a networking channel where experts fron each ESB can participate in various activities together and share achievements regarding sampling, operaition, storage, and monitoring among other, The ICESB 2021, commenmorating its sixth year, will be hosted bt the Korea ESB, affiliated with the National Institute of Environmetal Research (NIER), the Ministry of Environment, The ICESB 2021 is composed of three themes: From the Past, Through the Present, and Towards the Future, From the Past consists of three sessions (Operation, Date Management, and Quality Control) that are the bassis of the ESB, Through the Present on Day 2 covers Environmetal monitoring and Risk Assenssment, followed by a Policy Session, Last but not least, Towards the Future will cover two Emerging issues along with a Communication Session, We hope the 2021 ICESB opens a door of great opportunities to help all participants and experts who conducts research in the field, We are looking forward to your kind attention and active participation, Thank you, OVER VIEW: Date-September 28 (Tue)~30(Thu), 2021(3 days), Venue-Incheon, Republic of Korea(Virtual meeting), Host-The National Environmetal Specimen Bank at the Department of Natural Enviroment Research, National Institute of Environmental Research, Korea, Program- A total of 11 sessions (9 main sessions, 1 special session, and poster session), and ESB introduction video (for website postiong), Session Composition- Theme 1(from the past): #1 ESB operaion #2 Date management #3 Quality control, Theme 2(through the present): #4 Environmental monit oring #5 Risk Assessment #6 Polivy, Theme 3(Towards the Future): #7 New Issue 1(Analysis) #8 New Issue 2(Technology and Approaches) #9 Communication and cooperation, Special Session: Utillization plan and new perspectives for the future ESB operation goal centered on the environmental Issues, ICESB2021 Secretariat, Website: www,, E-mail: 참고  

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