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Real-World Vehicle Emission Rate of Particle Size Distributions Based on Measurement of Tunnel Flow Coefficient

DATE2022-04-12 HIT428
DEPART Transportation Pollution Research Center

Real-World Vehicle Emission Rate of Particle Size Distributions Based on Measurement of Tunnel Flow Coefficient

Applied Sciences-Basel


Authors : Chaehyeong-Park,Myoungki-Song,Gyutae-Park,Kyunghoon-Kim,Taehyoung-Lee,Sanguk-Lee,Jongtae-Lee,MinSuk -Bae

ISSN : 2076-3417

  This study aims to analyze the seasonal number concentrations corresponding to each particle size derived from the measurements
of exhausts from approximately seven million vehicles on real-world using a pair of the scanning mobility particle sizer to determine
the vehicle emission rate. The actual tunnel flow coefficient was investigated for car emission rate based on the measurements of
individual physical parameters (i.e., cross section area and length of the tunnel, tunnel wind speed and traffic volume). The mode
of particle diameter according to temperatures in respective seasons exhibited a high correlation together with rapid changes at
temperature above the breakthrough point. The temperature acted as major cause of determination of final condensation diameter,
which is also dependent on diverse environmental effects comprising particle number concentration. The traffic volume of ordinary
cars increased by more than twice as much in the period of Asian New Year, the traffic volume of buses/RVs/trucks decreased by
more than 25% during weekdays. As a result, the particle number concentration discharged from a unit vehicle was 6.96 × 1012
N/veh·km during weekdays, and the values of weekends appeared as 6.08 × 1012 N/veh·km. The overall averaged particle number
concentration based on the actual seasonal road measurements shows 5.82 × 1012 N/veh·km.

Keyword : SMPS,emission rate,vehicle emission,number concentration

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