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Message from the President

President of NIER


We are working on many fronts to enrich life through environmental research
The National Institute of Environmental Research (NIER) was established in 1978 as the sole institute for research into the entire environment. Since then, NIER has put every effort into creating a better environment for the public through a wide range of research from environmental health, climate&air, water, resources to energy.
Drawing on the outstanding research base, we have provided support for research and policies responsive to the environmental concern of people. To relieve the concern, our focus goes towards a Roadmap, Future-Oriented Research, and Environmental System.
The long-term roadmap will be a breakthrough role for us to come into a world-class institute.
The future-oriented research will be conducted enhancing the lives of people.
The environmental system for efficiently handling urgent environmental issues will be established.
Going forward, we will do our best for the happiness of people with our efforts in creating a better environment.
Thank you
National Institute of Environmental Research, Hwangyong-ro 42, Seogu. Incheon. Republic of Korea (Zipcode 22689)
TEL 82-32-560-7114 FAX 82-32-568-2033