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2020 ~
  • September 2020
    Transferred of Bio-safety team to the National Institute of Wild Animal Disease Control
  • May 2020
    Transfer of Environmental Health Research Department and Wildlife Disease Control (National Wildlife Disease Control Agency)
  • February 2020
    The Nakdong River Research Center relocated to Daegu
2000 ~ 2019
  • May 2019
    Transfer of control of the National Wetland Center to the National Institute of Ecology
  • February 2019
    Humidifier Disinfectant Health Center was newly created
  • March 2018
    Research functions related to climate atmosphere and water environment will be strengthened and Environmental Satellite Center was newly created
  • May 2014
    Air Quality Forecasting Center was newly created
  • January 2012
    National Wetland Center was newly created
  • September 2011
    Soil&Groundwater Research Division was set up -5 Departments, 16 Divisions, 5 Research Centers, 2Centers
  • July 2010
    Reorganized -5 Departments, 15 Divisions,2 Research Centers, 2Centers
  • February 2009
    Changed from an organization based on function to one based on environmental media
  • March 2007
    The Environmental Health and Safety Department was renamed the Environmental Health Research Department,and the Chemicals Assessment Department was newly created
  • February 2006
    The Environmental Training Department was spun off as the National Institute of Environmental Human Resources Development
  • July 2005
    Renamed the National Institute of Environmental Research
  • July 2000
    Relocated to Environmental Research Complex in Incheon
1978 ~ 1999
  • January 1980
    NEPI was incorporated into the newly established Environment Administration
  • January 1978
    Established as the National Environmental Protection Institute (NEPI)under the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs in Seoul
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