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Environmental Resources

We materialize a circular economy society with resource recycling by reducing waste generation, improving waste-to-resource processes and safe treatment and ensuring efficient recovery and use of waste energy. In addition, we conduct researches on the preparation and analysis of environmental specimens and eco-friendly land management.

  • Research to reduce final disposals with waste flow analysis
  • Research on establishment of hazardous waste information and management systems in response to international conventions
  • Research on the preparation of technical guidelines for environmental assessment of inorganic waste recycling
  • Research on environmental hazards of waste generation according to industrial sector classification
  • Research on the removal and stabilization of hazardous properties of waste
  • Validation and certification of energy recovery rates of waste incineration facilities
  • Research to improve management systems in waste treatment facilities
  • Research on technologies related to the treatment and waste-to-energy processes of organic waste resources
  • Research on management standards for safe treatment of hazardous waste
  • Enhancing environmental values of land supporting sustainable & eco-friendly development;
  • Environmental quality assessment using cryogenic biological specimens
  • Research on establishment of integrated management systems for facilities discharging pollutants
※ More details can be found in the Annual Reports.
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