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Environmental Infrastructure

We contribute to creating a human-centered, safe, clean, and pleasant living environment through stringent management of daily hazards to ensure that the Korean public can lead healthy lives, including

  • Research on indoor air quality in homes, public facilities, and public transportation
  • Research on reducing exposure to indoor hazardous substances and identifying health impacts
  • Research on the reduction of sensory pollution, including noise and light pollution, in daily life
  • Research to characterize hazards in the domestic environment, including radon and asbestos, and establishment of a management infrastructure
  • Research on the expansion of trace hazardous substance monitoring in tap water and improved safety management
  • Research to advance water quality standards for sewage treatment and water quality management
  • Research on management infrastructure and responses to harmful bacteria in the water environment
  • Enhancing the quality of environmental test and inspection results and securing compliance with international standards (ISO 17025 & ISO 17043)
  • Establishment and revision of national (KS) and international (ISO) standards related to the environment
  • Research on methods to track pollutants using stable isotopes and collaborative research on environmental issues
  • Establishment of a foundation for the advancement of soil and groundwater standards and the promotion of risk assessments
  • Research on management of areas with soil and groundwater pollution
  • Validation, evaluation, and analysis of results, including soil and groundwater information systems and monitoring networks
※ More details can be found in the Annual Reports.
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